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    Summer Camps for Players wanting to improve their skills

    Link for details

    Westerville North HS lacrosse team will be offering a camp June 21-22. Below is a link for more details.

    The Lacrosse Academy

    The Lacrosse Academy will be holding two summer day camps at Bevelhymer Park in New Albany July 6 and 26. Click on this link for details. 

    Ocfighting Cardinal Logo Courtesy Of Otterbein AthleticsNike Lacrosse camp will be held at Otterbein University on July 12-15. Click this link for more details.




    Westerville Lacrosse: COVID Prevention Protocol (2021) 

    In accordance with COYLL, all WLC teams shall adhere to the current Responsible Restart Ohio guidelines for Youth, Collegiate, Amateur, Club, and Professional Sports as outlined at The Ohio Restart guidelines are here in this link. Both home and visiting teams share equal responsibility in following these guidelines. WLC will not allow practice or games to proceed unless these guidelines are met. The following recommendations for best safety practices are common-sense considerations for officials, coaches, players, and spectators. 


    - Whenever possible, all partic should be mindful of social distancing and avoid close and frequent contact. 

    - Masks are recommended for coaches, officials, and table volunteers for any pregame or in-game discussions. 

    - Pregame Inspection will be done through Coaches’ Certification, as follows: "Coach, are all of your players legally equipped by rule, including a legal goalkeeper chest protector as required for the 2021 season?" - Individual pregame and in-game equipment inspections are limited to stick checks only, by which the identified player shall place their crosse on the ground near the officials. 

    - Meeting with Captains will involve only one captain per team; captains should stay properly distanced and should not shake hands; official should wear a mask and conduct a regular coin flip to choose AP or Choice of goal to defend. 

    - There will be no pregame meetings with face-off players. 

    - There will be no player line-ups before game time; players should go directly to their places to start the game. 


    - Faceoffs Procedure – Officials should conduct quick and efficient faceoffs. 

    1. Put the ball on the ground and back away. 

    2. Instruct the players to go Down for the faceoff. 

    3. Give quick instructions to make sure players are correctly aligned. 

    4. Once both players are aligned, give the Set command and then blow the whistle to start play. 


    - Coaches and Players should avoid postgame handshakes and gatherings. After the end of a game, players should go directly to their team bench area and avoid close contact with their opponents and others when possible. Once the players’ helmets come off they should put on a mask when 6 feet distancing is not able to be achieved. 

    - Officials should leave the playing area immediately and return to their vehicles. 

    - Coaches, players, and spectators should leave the play/spectating area immediately and return to their vehicles. 


    Overall be smart. If your child is not feeling well communicate that with the coaches and keep them home. If your child, or family member tests positive for Covid-19, follow the state protocol and quarantine the appropriate time period. We are in Franklin County so we follow the guidelines of that county. 

    We want the kids to have fun and hopefully lacrosse can bring back a little bit of normalcy. If we all prepare and follow the basic guidelines we are confident we can have a successful season.

    Westerville Lacrosse Club

    Westerville Lacrosse Club is a not-for-profit organization that teaches the sport of Lacrosse to boys and girls, grades 1st through 8th, providing our youth with a safe and fun environment that fosters diversity and inclusively.  In addition to teaching our young members the technical skills necessary to competitive play, we aspire to instill in them the ideals of sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, and effort, so that they might grow to be strong and upstanding citizens within our community.


    We serve ALL students living within the Westerville City School Limits from grades 1st through 8th.  If your home school district DOES NOT offer lacrosse, or your child is home schooled you are welcome to join one of our teams as well.  We currently have 1 middle school team which combine players from all four middle schools.  Lacrosse IS NOT an official school sport until high school, therefore registration and team administration is run through WLC. 

    Parent Volunteer Information

    We Need Your Help!!


    Westerville Lacrosse Club  
    PO Box 2276 Westerville, OH 43086  
    (614) 289-8629  


    la - crosse


    a team game, originally played by North American Indians, in which the ball is thrown, caught, and carried with a long-handled stick having a curved L-shaped or triangular frame at one end with a piece of shallow netting in the angle.