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Lacrosse Rules

Lacrosse Rules


US Lacrosse rules - all the rules of lacrosse with the exception of the modifications listed below.

The Ohio High School Lacrosse Association (OHSLA) and the Ohio Middle School Lacrosse Association follow the lacrosse rules set forth by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). These rules have some slight differences from those of the NCAA and US Lacrosse.

Ohio Boys High School lacrosse plays 4 - 12 minute quarters, whereas Ohio Middle School teams play 4 - 8 minute quarters.

The OHSLA and OMSLA also have rule changes that are association decisions. For example, the Northern and Southern US Lacrosse chapters do not play middle school boys lacrosse "with counts", where as the Central Ohio Chapter voted to play with counts beginning in 2008.

The current OMSLA rules modifications are as follows:

1. No counts leaving the defensive or entering offensive zones. (Starting in '08, Central Ohio teams have adopted the "advancing the ball" rules and enforce the 20-second defensive count and the 10-second offensive count during the regular season)

2. Each team has four (4) time-outs per game, two time-outs per half, and one time-out for each overtime period.

3. One minute stalling warning (keep it in) during the 4th period.

4. Alternate possession rule

5. Quarters are 8 minute, stop time. Overtime is 4  minutes, sudden victory, stop time.

6. Face off after every goal scored (no "Mercy rule")

7. For illegal stick (length, pinched or butt end) 2 minute non-releasable (not 3 minutes). Butt end violations follow current NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules (Rule 1, Section 7, Art. 3)

8. Waive all same color equipment rules, except uniform jersey

9. Players receiving two (2) unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in a game will result in ejection from the game and non-participation in the next two (2) regularly scheduled contests at the player's playing level. The same rule applies for all coaches.



The rules for youth and high school girls' lacrosse are written by US Lacrosse and endorsed by the NFHS.

Connect to this link to review the rules for Girls.

Coaching Documents

Field Diagram - printable field diagram for boys lacrosse

OMSLA Code of Conduct - applies to players, coaches and fans

OMSLA Timer Guidelines and Home Team Responsibilities

Scorer Guidelines and Rules Modifications